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Special Needs and Disabilities

Assistive Technology Makes Cars Accessible for People with Disabilities
Creating a Home Where Your Disabled Child can Thrive
Legal Resources for Special Needs
Keeping Disabled Persons Safe While Remodeling
Teacher Resources for Special Needs
Disaster Preparedness for Special Needs

Gifted and Talented Programs in Montgomery County

MCPS Choice Study update regarding Recruitment to middle school magnets.$file/Choice%20Study%20Recruit%20Select%20Field%20Test%20MS.pdf
Takoma Park and Eastern will serve as field test programs for a new selection process, similar to what happened with Drew this past year.

The Choice Study was done a couple years ago to gather information and a plan was made because of a concern that the demographics of the highly gifted centers in the county do not reflect the demographic of the county as a whole. Right now they are entering Phase 2 of the Choice Study: Recruitment and Selection Field Test, Middle School.
The field test schools are Takoma Park MS and Eastern MS.  For students who are currently 5th graders they will be doing a field test regarding the selection process to these programs.  It will be more of a universal screening process.  This is similar to what was done last school year for 3rd graders applying to Drew or Fox Chapel, which were the field test sites for the elementary recruitment and selection field test.  With the elementary field test they, however, opened up some home highly gifted centers, such as Stonegate for our catchment, so that there would be more slots available at the regular highly gifted center.  But, there is no plan to open up any home gifted centers for the middle school phase.  The phase also includes some thematic studies at the Highly Gifted middle school centers involved in the pilot.

Phase 3 will be the Recruitment and Selection Field Test for High School.  The plan, as of now, is for this to start a year from now.  They haven’t released any details yet on what this will looked like.  But, based on the history of what is going on it seems likely that Blair will be a field test site for the high school field test and that students who are currently 7th graders will be facing a Universal screening field test as they apply to Blair.

There is not yet any indication about when and if they are moving from pilot testing the universal screening to making it county-wide.  Presumably they will be monitoring what is going on at Drew and Fox Chapel, and the newly opened home highly gifted centers, and then make the decision whether that screening will become more permanent and county-wide.

Financial Topics for Students

How to check your child’s credit report (The presence of one could signal identity theft)