Real Food for Our Kids

Dear Parents,


Are you interested in helping get healthy, fresh, real foods into our schools?

Real Food For Kids – Montgomery (RFKM) is a grassroots parent and student advocacy group promoting whole, delicious, fresh and nutrient-rich foods in the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS).

RFKM is also looking for a parent representative to our school. You can find out more about what that role entails here: (bottom of the page). Some of the types of things reps can do for their children’s schools are putting in salad bars; replacing unhealthy a la carte and vending choices with healthier snack options; and getting healthier options for breakfast.

And if you’re interested in joining their list to show your support, keep up on their work, and be included in invitations to events in the county and at our school, you can do that here:





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