Resources for Student Safety and Welfare

If you have questions or concerns about the safety and welfare of your Cloverly student(s), Dr. Brunson (Cloverly principal) or Mrs. Sobieralski (school counselor) should be your first contact.

If you have questions about the “body safety classes” that are presented to all Cloverly students, please contact Mrs. Sobieralski and she can share and discuss the specific materials for your child’s grade.

Another great resource is Ms. Hollys Hainer, MCPS pupil personnel worker and school community liaison. Her department and its role are described at

You can email her at She has already worked closely with Cloverly families on many different topics of concern, and knows our community well.

Our March 6 PTA meeting included a presentation by Dr. Brunson and extensive discussion of school security policies and implementation. Here are links to relevant information and documents:

At the February 27, 2018 MCCPTA Delegates Assembly, there was a substantive conversation with MCPS about school security and safety. Below please find the links shared and discussed by MCPS staff, and a link to the slide presentation.

As noted — this was the start of the conversation. MCCPTA and MCPS will put together a more in-depth forum, with opportunities to delve deeper on specific topics and narrower questions.

On April 27, MCCPTA shared the following link to the Action Plan developed as a result of this first meeting:

Additional questions from parents about the January 2018 arrest of Sean Kelley, lunch hour aide at Cloverly, have been answered by the MCPS Central Office:
MCPS responses to Kelley questions.pdf

The following documents cover MCPS policies for protecting our children from abuse and neglect, and describe the procedures that are followed when abuse or negelct are suspected. Although these are lengthy documents, we recommend reading them for a more complete understanding of how allegations and cases are handled.




    • Regulation: Reporting and Investigating Child Abuse and Neglect (JHC-RA)
      Specifies the regulations for reporting incidents or suspicions of violations of the policy. Section L refers to a “School-Based Child Abuse Liaison”. At Cloverly, this position is held by our school counselor, Mrs. Sobieralski.


    • Memorandum of Understanding between MCPS and MCPD
      Describes the division of responsibility between the school system and the police, particularly who decides when and if
      particular information is shared publicly.



Additional information from MCPS is available at these pages:






      Students’ Mental Health and Well-Being (e.g. Mental Health and Crisis Support, School Health Services, Community Resources for Substance Abuse, Child Abuse and Neglect, Guidelines Regarding Gender Identity, and Reporting an incident of Bullying. Harassment, or Intimidation.)



Separate from the MCPS resources, we can recommend this article from the American Association of Pediatrics. Although it addresses
children’s reactions to general crises, much of the advice is relevant to situations surrounding accusations of abuse and neglect.

School bus traffic safety